*What is the "Smack Famous" Verified Badge?*
Its a coveted mark given to people who meet certain Smack standards of broadcasting. Those with the badge can not only broadcast at any time, but they also experience exclusive Smack promotions. Only the best broadcasters who are very active (among many other qualifications) receive this Badge.

*How do I get a "Smack Famous" Verified Badge?*
Apply here! Full details are on the application form! We wish you good luck.

*How can I get more viewers on my broadcasts?*
- Tweet, text, and tell your friends when you're live!
- Post on Snapchat, Instagram, and make an announcement on YouTube!
- Prepare for each broadcast; the better your broadcast, the more viewers will share it / tell their friends, getting you more viewers!
- Broadcast during times when ppl are less busy, like after school hours on weekdays, and in the early morning or late afternoon on weekends!

*How do I get more emoji points during my broadcasts?*
Interact with your viewers! Ask them interesting questions, compliment them when they leave a nice comment, and make fun games they can play while you broadcast!

*The app keeps crashing / I found a bug. What should I do?*
We can help! Its easy: iMessage us at service@smackhigh.com and you can text us exactly what's wrong, 24/7. Include any screenshots and as much detail as you can!